Consulting Services

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - With over 30 years experience in the fashion industry and having studied at the London Collage of Fashion, Ingrid Vink offers her professional services to designers, retailers and individuals as a consultant with discretion and confidence across all disciplines including; retail, forecasting, range planing, styling, print media, and industry best practice processes.

More than ever brands that bring collections to market must incorporate a true sustainable model, be wearable and purposeful. Retailers who stand out above the line need to offer an exceptional informed experience for the customer, while clients and consumers desire versatile and modern individualised wardrobes.

BRANDS - Working with designers and design teams, Ingrid brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding - from grasping creative concepts and powerful brand language through to knowing what is wearable, what sells and adds value for the customer. This in turn adds immense value for brands and their collections. Offering her range planning skills, guidance with colour trends and fabrications while understanding the end customer in mind. Additionally, Ingrid has industry knowledge around best sustainable practices within the industry from supply chains, packaging, textile standards and current certifications.

RETAILERS - Ingrid specialises in empowering retail teams, fostering confidence, and deepening knowledge in areas such as fabrics, colour choices, styling, and staying abreast of the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable innovations and industry certifications to support retailers. Her expertise extends to advising teams on building connections with integrity and ensuring they meet customer needs effectively. Ingrid's guidance not only enhances the knowledge of retail employees, but also contributes to a more informed and customer-centric approach within the dynamic retail environment.

CLIENTS - Ingrid's expertise is valued by clients who seek her wardrobe curation services, in refining and crafting looks to suit their specific tastes and needs. With a wealth of experience, her forte lies in quickly understanding individual requirements, interpreting trends, and assisting clients in embracing their individuality and preferences. Ingrid seamlessly combines her skills and comprehensive product knowledge to elevate and streamline her clients wardrobes.


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