Saskia Necklace, Vink

Saskia Necklace - Designed and Made by Hand in Aotearoa

With the juxtaposition of a natural organic shape threaded onto an elegant refined chain and carefully weighted proportions, you will enjoy the simplicity and ease of your Saskia Necklace.

The gold plated shaped nugget is cast as a limited edition by a local artisan jeweller for TLV jewellery, with one flatter side the nugget sits comfortably against the chest and two small stoppers keeping the clasp from moving forward.

I wear my Saskia Necklace to elevate casual outfits by making them that little more ‘special’. It’s a lovely feeling to wear a little nugget of happiness, close to your heart.

• Gold plated (New Zealand origin).

• Aotearoa Designed and Made.

• Made by clever hands.

• Limited edition for TLV Jewellery.

Saskia Necklace - Gold Plated

Saskia Necklace - Gold Plated

Saskia Necklace - Sterling Silver

Saskia Necklace - Sterling Silver

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