Woven by hand!




All the hard work and collaboration has been worth it and my first limited edition oversized Vink Maggie Scarfs are available to purchase now via thinklikevink.com
These are 100% New Zealand Merino and woven by hand in two colours, Mist and Quartz.


These will be available to purchase only in New Zealand initially.

Thank you to the clever crafts people I have been working with so closely to make this happen.

I have also been collaborating with several clever New Zealand artisan weavers, jewellers and saddlers to create a collection of beautiful hand-made accessories under the Vink brand. These will also be available in very limited numbers soon.

As with all artisan pieces there will be slight imperfections - embrace them as we do our own.

And just so you know, I will continue to work with my lovely loyal clients out of Auckland and Melbourne but I am also looking forward to working with an ever increasing circle of clever artisans.

Buy less, buy better!