Wardrobe gems outside your fashion comfort zone




One of the enjoyable outcomes of working with longtime loyal clients is reaching the point of only needing a few clever purchases each season. I love the satisfaction of when clients only require a few beautiful, flattering and versatile pieces to compliment their existing wardrobe.

This is all part of my overriding ethos of ‘buy less, buy better’. This requires stopping to think about how many ways you can wear an item, checking the fit, fabric and and colour while ensuring the pieces you buy are current - this could mean the item(s) sit outside your personal fashion comfort zone.

The initial feeling of being ‘a little bit uncomfortable’ is just to make sure you are pushing your fashion boundaries. One of the hardest things is to buy pieces that are out of your fashion comfort zone.

One thing I see a lot of is the repeat purchase. This is different to having your own style - for example having two or more of the same type of thing, too many tweed boyfriend blazers, navy jumpsuits, pink mohair jumpers and navy cardigans. The repeat purchase does not push the boundaries, it’s just a fall back option.

Ultimately a smaller versatile wardrobe with diverse pieces will serve you better than a vast wardrobe with many of the same type of pieces.

Look to get out of your fashion comfort zone.

Make a defined list and get your ‘buy less, buy better’ check list on. Shopping and editing those racks takes an eagle eye, fashion savvy and focus - but the sweet spot of three items a season always feels a little bit satisfying!