thinklikevink introduces ‘Our True Cost’ - Direct to Consumer pricing for new pieces in 2020.




Our sustainable and ethical approach at thinklikevink guides the big decisions we make and our overall direction.

We are now committing to a newer, more transparent way of doing business, ‘Our True Cost’ pricing for our new Artisan pieces.

So to keep it simple we thought we would break it down a little to explain…

The traditional wholesale production and sale process doesn’t sit well with us.
We don’t have a traditional physical shop and we have no need to produce hundreds of additional ‘units’ to drive the price per item down - there is an end cost to the environment for this type of production as we are all now well aware.

It’s simply selling our hand made Artisan pieces minus the traditional retail markup - so ‘Direct to Consumer’.
We pay the Artisan a fair market rate (always!), order the item as requested in small limited editions and add the cost to develop and produce.
Yes there is a small profit there for us, but with no traditional retail margin and selling direct to you the customer we can do this in a more transparent way.

As thinklikevink adds new pieces to our online store we will note *OTC (Our True Cost) in the product titles and descriptions. Over time we hope to have all pieces ‘tagged’ with or *OTC as we work further with our local Artisans.

Buy Less, Buy Better!