Stylist tweaks and tips to nail an outfit




It’s been a busy six weeks of shopping, styling and compiling combinations lists, travel packing and shooting my new Vink slow artisans accessories while keeping up with the orders... phew.

 I always arrive home after being away working so inspired. I used to think it was a change of scene and the fact that I love my work, but this season I realised it has so much more to do with the relationships I have cultivated over the years and the interesting and special people I get to work with. I love chatting in depth about the diversity of industries, that established industries are rapidly changing allowing for different points of view and challenging older ideals… this keeps myself and my ideas fresh and constantly looking at new styles, brands and fashion in different ways.

While spending quality time with my clients we have numerous and often hilarious discussions and one that cropped up this season many times was ‘outfit tweaks’. This lead me to jot down my favourite stylist outfit tweaks, as its more often than not all about the small tweaks to an outfit that can transform ‘nice' to 'nailed it’.

I thought I’d share a few for my blog following hipsters!

• Double denim can be so darn good, just carry it off with a current shoe like a mens’ loafer or a summer mule. Often the leg end looks best cropped or cuffed.

• Roll up those sleeve cuffs, or push them up. When you see wrists it is always flattering and looks more relaxed.

• Button up an over sized shirt - this will make any shirt especially an 80’s inspired piece look more current.

• Shoes - a current and relevant shoe can drag even your oldest looks into something more modern.

• Dress for you and your shape first, fashion is second. An outfit will never look good even if it’s current but doesn't suit you. Modern dressing is about blending the right shapes with current collections.

• As we get older (and wiser) our priorities change so its important to check in and make sure your ‘go to’ comfort zone pieces are relevant and keep you looking fresh, especially if you work in forward thinking industries.

• Colour with camel is always so nice - think lemon and camel, red and camel. As is tonal charcoal shades and colour. It always surprises me how hard it is to find charcoal and camel staples.

• Leg length is also nicer when you see a hint of ankle and generally works best with a slim trouser leg. Also known as the cigarette or 7/8 length (5cm above the ankle bone)

• I’m also a big fan of altering a high crew neck just below the hollow of the collar bones - this is still high but not as ‘chocking’ or ‘widening’ as cutting across the base of the neck.

• White or light coloured shoes are great, who knew!

•  Oversized T-shirts knotted loosely at the side of your hip… it’s just cool.