Rework your old favourites


Vink Midi


It can take some imagination to rework your old favourites hiding in the back of your wardrobe, but it’s so satisfying to give an older loved piece a new lease of life.

 With the change of season I have enjoyed wearing my midi length skirts with my older knee high boots… my longer length boots have been tucked away for a few years now, and they just feel fresh again with a sharper shape skirt - to these I add a  midi length skirt, cropped jumper and leather jacket.


If you really love something, keep it. With some imagination it can usually be reworked and look relevant again. People who say ‘it all comes back' are almost right. A piece returns ever so slightly differently and you can then put a current spin on it. That’s why it's great to experiment and play with an older piece to create a relevant look.

Recently I have had an aversion to my cardigans, I’ve packed them away as they have felt frumpy and dated… or maybe because they have had their moment and I’ve moved on? Isn’t it funny how you can all of a sudden just be over an item you once loved.

Many of my clients treasure cardigans as they are great for travel, keeping warm in brutal air con, cosy and easy. They are  also perfect for New Zealand’s climate... so where do we go from here? My challenge is to unpack and wear some of my older cardigans reworked in a current mood with the inspiration being Gucci, M.i.h Jeans, No. 21 (no pressure! Watch this space!).