Pick your Fashion Values…





The ethical fashion movement is more than a trend, it’s a cultural shift that all industries are experiencing. There is no shying away or hiding from it. This is an exciting time for progressive brands and designers who are passionate and have an honest story to tell. 

Consumers are all just a little exhausted by the frenzied pace that fashion seasons can be. The current back-lash is all in favour for the purchaser, as consumers are wanting substance from their purchases - to feel part of a story or purchase something and feel good while doing it. Brands not only need to design modern, comfortable and flattering clothes they also need to have a point and a reason for being made. 

Not one brand will be able to deliver on the ultimate consumer wish list - ‘recycled’, ‘closed loop’, ‘local’, ‘biodegradable’, ‘artisan’, ‘fair trade’, ‘body positivity’ and ‘diversity’…

So consumers have to make a purchase choice based on their own personal ethics and budgets. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with ‘green washing’ pick your most important values and hunt out the brands that are leading the way in these areas. In NZ we haven't been dominated by the big high street giants so there are many smaller labels and boutiques creating beautiful ranges and collections with great ethical values.

As consumers you make a difference by supporting brands and stores that align with your values. Never under estimate the power of voting with your wallet, “Buy Less, Buy Better” - it’s a great place to start.