Mismatched Goals




I’ve never been one to 'preach' fashion advice, does and dont’s etc - as they say ‘There is nothing worse than unwanted advice’. As individuals, my clients are after new ideas, fresh thoughts or different ways on how to wear existing wardrobe pieces rather than a list of what to do and not to do.
When it comes to prints with patterns, people can be unsure of how to put them together, so often the default option is to work your pattern piece with plain solid black - nothing wrong with that. However it’s just not the best combination your print deserves. For me the masters of print and pattern are Dries Van Noten, Miuccia Prada and Kenzo. All understand and use the exciting properties of colour, proportion and scale, but also add the best ingredient the instinctual ‘magic’ by combining the unexpected - akin to painting a mesmerising canvas.

An easy way to start combining the unexpected is to try wearing one colour in different shades. This can work in a beautiful yet understated way as can keeping all the same family of colours together. Think of wearing, orange, green and pink all in deep strong shades.
Another surefire way is to try clashing different size prints in the same family of tones - think muted checks and light florals, bright stripes with strong leopard print and pastel spots with a muted tweed. Options are limitless, if you can be a little more creative than you would normally be, clash, mix and match, wear boots, add a random belt, enjoy the act of dressing and above all, hold your head up and own that mesmerising canvas!

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