Mind Frames

After a recent interesting conversation with a tech guru and farmer (not my target market I know) I can appreciate that a love of fashion and what I do as a stylist, shopper, designer could be viewed as banal, frivolous, basic or even slightly self obsessed. I completely disagree. As a thoughtful woman with an enquiring mind and varied interests - I enjoy fashion!
Fashion and how we dress is an important way of communication and self expression. It can feel incredibly uplifting, alter your mood and send messages of creativeness and strength to those with whom you come into contact, it can also fast track powerful and subliminal communication. Fashion can affect our frame of mind in such a positive way... dressing in colour, feeling sharp or simply enjoying the feel of beautiful well cut clothes. It’s also liberating and a powerful tool to alter your mood, express yourself or give you a confidence that is not yet there and can even be thought of as your amour on a particular day. I’m proud to work in an industry helping, guiding and simplifying sometimes confusing ideas to dynamic people who enjoy feeling the sparkle! 
All the while showing them the value of buying less and buying better.