Dubai stop and shop


Buji Khalifa

Heading to Europe to work on a client interior project and wardrobe was a pleasure indeed. With good advice heeded, a stop in Dubai was well needed. A toy engineer’s dream, the most over designed and expensively manufactured city created on top of a expansive natural dessert. The environment is covered in a soft haze that belies the fast and furious pace that is sitting just below - largest shopping mall, tallest building, a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree. The sheer volume of retail, makes you think the retail experience is alive and well. With unique brands sitting along side the other big global names. The only way I could sum up the style I observed from the national dress of the abaya and ghutra through to the current western looks would be to name it ‘Global Glitz’ - a global look set on a wealthy international playground. The eye makeup looked as if it was intended for the stage, applied alone and luxuriously. Handbags told me that what was being worn underneath would be anything but plain. I left with no one strong underlying impression of Dubai style - except for the most part more is more! Especially on the interiors front. The Amarni hotel at the bottom of the Buji Khalifa managed to look rich and luxurious to opulent for the notorious simple classic brand.
The amount of product was slightly bewildering for a Kiwi with jet lag on a stopover. It is a place that is so different with exceptional service and such cleanliness - I’m intrigued. I would defiantly recommend Dubai as a place to stop and stretch your mind or even sit at one of the many outside hotel pools to move the legs between the two long haul flights.

When using your credit card they give you the option to pay in your currency or pay in local currency - my experience across the countries I visited it was to pay in local and it’s comes up as a better rate on my statement when I found some time to check it today...