Dress sense and sensibility…




Modesty - as Kiwis we embrace this with gusto… not too showy, not too flashy and not too sexy please.

Even in the ‘look at me’ perfect instagram era we gravitate towards covering up, always in an edgy, understated, casually stylish way. Very rarely do we want to be portrayed as God forbid, slightly sexy. Across generations it’s not our thing, our culture or part of our intrinsic way of being.


Having dressed New Zealand women for both local and and international events there is a distinct difference on how I would dress the same client for both. The European sensibility requires a a polished feminine look with a dose of charisma - always essential when I take into account the location of an event. When the outfit  is right for a client they radiate a sense of empowerment that you only ‘own’ when your outfit is perfectly appropriate for the time and place. Cleverly communicating that they understand a situation with professionalism yet also have a strong sense of individual self - a very satisfying result for all.

I understand instinctively what is required when dressing for New Zealand events. The way we dress and present ourselves is in part something to do with our ‘just get on with it’ humble history, 'can do' attitude and reserved heritage. It seems to require a little more covering up especially if we want to be taken seriously, avoid the wandering eye and often others commenting ‘who do they think they are?’ - a smidge of tall poppy maybe?

As Kiwis, if we could learn to embrace and applaud a vibrant sexy women, we could then celebrate feminine seductiveness while dressing with sense and sensibility.