Contrast Dressing




Contradictions and contrasts in the way you dress can make you appear stylish and interesting. Even though we like to think we are more than our facade, we are constantly judged and evaluated on how we outwardly present to the world.

I like to think of it as our daily amour and when this amour is right it can make a huge difference to how we feel and how we communicate non verbally with our peers.

Examples that conjure up interesting and captivating looks are;
- An older soft, worn masculine shirt with something luxe.

- A slim denim jean with an oversized knit.

- A fresh no make-up face and a red glossy lip.

- Pointed kitten heels with worn cuffed-up denim.

- Chunky trainers with a wide satin pant.

- Sharp tailoring with an element of lace allure and flats.

- Fitted dresses to be longer or mid-length... not for all I know but far more intriguing than a short, tight option.

For me a successful look has something a little bit ‘off' about it. It’s fresher, modern and far more stylish and intriguing than anything too obvious. Leave that to the more commercial brands that spoon feed their customers with the formulaic. 

This is often where I get called in - a client is sick of looking ’the same’. I love to make a client feel a little more edgy, stylish and most importantly effortless. Often a client will have the 'ah-huh' moment once we have worked together and I can explain to them why an outfit with a contrasting fabric or silhouette works so well. It can be just taking the luxury of time to listen, explain and try on so they can see what really works for them.

Combining colours is a skill that is difficult to master. The basic principals can be learnt as people have always responded well to formulas (think colour cards from the 90’s) but it’s the innate skill that really takes combining beautiful and unexpected colours to another level… camel, plum and citrus yellow or moss green, lilac and bone with turquoise.

So the advice I offer is, learn to leave the homogenised ‘standard’ of beauty or style behind.

Embrace your uniqueness and the unexpected, play with proportions, textures and odd colour combinations - have fun! You may find you start to enjoy your wardrobe and all the many contrasts it has hidden within for you.