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Clever Crafts Vink


I am often sourcing accessories for clients and it has always seemed to me accessories in New Zealand can be an after thought, an add on to a collection or a bit of a ‘souvenir’.

This has lead me to start developing my own products encompassing the ideals of buying less and buying better, supporting local industries, local manufacturing and supporting clever crafts people.

Buy what you love and you will use it and enjoy it for a long time!

The result of all these developed ideas, loves and passions is my own brand ‘Vink’ - based on collaborating with wonderfully clever New Zealand artisans to develop, with thought and care, hand made accessories with buckets of love, quality and style.

As these hand-made limited edition commissioned pieces come to fruition they will be offered for sale on my www.thinklikevink.com store. So please take the time to subscribe to my mailing list and I will endeavour to make sure you are aware of each product launch.

Let’s all aim to ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’!