Buy Less, Buy Better


Buy Better Vink


“Buy less, buy better” is a tag line I’m passionate about for my clients, myself and my family.

The eye rolling irony... don’t you shop for a living? Yes I do, and anyone who works in an industry surrounded by copious amounts of product, new collections and updated designs, will know that it can make you all the more passionate about the need to buy less and buy better... let’s buy what we need and love - is it useful to us and does it slow down the insatiable appetite for the forever new? Because there is no satisfying that beast - Ever!

Adding wardrobe pieces and accessories that are quality, practical, flattering, current and you love can be a tall order. This can be achieved with thought and research. I’m constantly saying to my clients it’s better to purchase a few new items that you love than ten items that are emotive purchases (lift your sprits for half an hour…)

I love adding quality accessories - a strong pair of earrings, a stack of bangles, a cuff, a large scarf or a great bag adds interest, individualism and an element of chic to any outfit - accessories are it!